As summer prepares to burst forth, once again
I’m captivated by the tiny winged things that inhabit the coming season
with their magical presence.  As they grow outside my door, they often seem to grow in
the studio as well. Lately, I’m enthralled, and my latest obsession coincides quite nicely with a feature that my EtsyMetal team periodically offers on our team blog, called the Blog Carnival. In this feature, a team member (thanks Rebecca!) proposes a theme for members to post on simultaineously, and the theme for Monday, May 16 is:  Pages From Your Sketchbook. So here is a peek into my sketchbook – which is really more of a sketch pile.  At the end of this post, you’ll find a list of additional EtsyMetal team members who are participating in Monday’s Blog Carnival and offering a peek into their world as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing what some of my colleagues have in store!

The piece to come is based on a monarch butterfly… following these little sketches and cut-outs, sterling models have been fabricated and await all the fussing and refining required before some test castings can be ordered.  It does
look promising – and slowly – will come to life as the process unfolds. Much like
the season that has inspired this little endeavor, there is nothing to be gained in hurrying it along,
it will come soon enough.  I hope you’ll take a look this summer when the final piece will be ready to emerge in my shop.

See my what our EtsyMetal Blog Carnival participants are up to…
enjoy a peek into their sketchbooks on Monday:

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