uku slippers

Snow this weekend.  Again.  So I’m holed up inside and am (almost) finished my shoe project.  The pattern was amazing, with all the details and information (sized pattern plus 29 pages) needed to make a very wearable pair of slippers the first time out. Vaike of uku2 on Etsy did an amazing job creating the pattern, and answered all my questions, to boot.  Pun intended.  So after tramping around outside clearing up the slush, these are looking a lot more comfy than the snow boots.  And while more challenging than shoveling my driveway, seeing these slippers come together was a way more rewarding endeavor.  If you like to sew and are looking to wile a way a few winter evenings, I’d recommend it.  Vaike’s PDF document provides all the details for this ballet style slipper/shoe, and the embellishments are only limited by the imagination.

slippers detailslippers detail

And speaking of chilly weekends, did you see the treat in the western sky Friday evening?

night sky

At dusk, the waxing crescent moon appeared, as crisp as the frozen night air, with Venus brilliantly piercing the night sky to the left.  Mars appeared as well, although too faint for my camera.  In advance of Saturday’s snow, the night sky was clear and perfect for this stunning sight.  Next show: October 5, 2017.  I need a better camera before then.  :)

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