Hmm… I’m starting to see fall magazine issues on the doorstep, inspiring thanksgiving table settings in the stores (the ones that make you for – only one moment –  want to throw everything away and start over).  Ads for Halloween decorations… Wait!  Stop!  Summer has
so much more yet to offer, and it doesn’t
come in a magazine or at a store.  Here it’s right outside my door.  Jasmine scents the back stoop, the ‘kent beauty’ oregano, new in my garden this year, is showing off with showers of these unexpected delicate purple blooms.

The morning glories have now just about booted me off the patio.  Neighbors stop in with gifts of fresh picked bounty from the garden.  Vine to table… it doesn’t get much better than that.  So I’m not hurrying this away.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m always a little behind the curve, often feeling like I’m ready for Christmas around February or March, then consoling myself with some gingerbread.  Well, things move slowly here.  And yet it all unfolds…  so I’ll be spending the next few weeks soaking up the sunlight drenched details that only summer offers.  Already my fireflies are hard to find and I’ll wait a whole year to watch them again!  So enjoy these small treasures, and chances are, round about late September and early October, you might just find an extra summer day.

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