Bright gems hidden in the garden patch… June’s strawberry moon fast approaches.

The garden keeps her calendar far better than I.  No excuses, no delays.  Strawberry moon occurs on June 23rd and these bright berries remind me that we are right on schedule, with the gloriously long solstice days stretching out as far as the eye can see.  Perfect timing also for my cousin with this delicious homemade pistachio ice cream.  It’s easy, according to Rory:  1 cup milk, 2 cups heavy cream (could that be why it tastes so good?), a package of pistachio instant pudding mix, some agave sweetener, and into the freezer in the ice cream maker.  Don’t forget to strain the nut bits out of the pudding mix to keep the ice cream maker running smoothly, and add them in the final moments along with some  additional chopped pistachios for good measure.

Can you get enough strawberries this June?  There’s always room for a couple more…

A summer celebration… these little antique coral berry carvings will soon be ready for the plucking this summer as tiny strawberry earrings.  Check back this week to see the finished pairs.  I’ll be wearing mine when the moon is full.  ;)

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