What a nice way to end a week.

My favorite neighborhood valentine was a little bit under the weather last week, but everybody’s better now… so over the yard she came with mom in tow to deliver a pretty little heart, painted just for me.  :)  And when I asked if mom got one, sheepish grins crossed smiling faces…  I guess mom will get one next year.  My little pal was sad to have missed the festivities this year, but everyday is like valentine’s day when you have good friends right next door.

My lucky streak continued with the mail delivery the very next day.  This past fall, a childhood friend did an artist trading card swap in honor of a special birthday… and so, this mini artwork appeared at my door today, as though to announce that spring is not so far away.  It may be a dreary and drizzly day here in the northeast, but good wishes warm the place up as surely as a ray of sunshine.

Thanks you two!

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