The moon grows full again… I’ve spied it winking at me – last week, through the high branches of the mighty black walnut tree that envelop the yard.  Already, even the walnut is no match for this moon, it’s soft light warms the shadowy nooks in the spring garden as evening settles in.  This is the full Strawberry Moon, coming our way in tomorrow’s dawn… June 4th at 7:12 am to be exact.  And as I ponder this, it occurs to me… to check the tiny strawberry patch!  Typically the garden inhabitants beat me to it by a long shot, not a berry to be found under those lush green leaves after birds
& co enjoy the bright harvest.  But this year the moon is my conspirator and I sneak out across this evening’s rain soaked lawn to walk away with a nice prize, a handful of home grown berries fresh from the patch.

Gotta go… time for a snack!  ;)

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