This coneflower ring began in spring, long before summer peaked.  When the real thing appeared in the garden, I could see that I had it all wrong… back to the drawing board.  And with nature’s model in hand, it all became clear.  Here you see the inspiration and my less elegant interpretation.  The stone at the center of my echinacea is a matrix rock with opal inclusions. Carefully examined, a spark of purple and green flash is visible at the top and on the side of the gem, as though a tiny summer storm has been captured in stone for your personal pleasure.

Not long ago, a family reunion one summer weekend yielded a handful of well worn skipping stones from a pretty Catskill stream, complete with a charming covered bridge and waterfall.  The icy cold water held a treasure trove of shapes and colors, a work of art in motion.  Here a few of those summer stones are the beginnings of a found object bracelet and necklace combination.

And one more nod to the tropical hues I’ve been admiring this summer, here in a sterling Y style pendant with tourmaline and turquoise features.       

Despite the heat, the garden has put on
quite a show this year.  I’ll hope to enjoy the jasmine’s intoxicating scent as it fills the summer evenings for a while longer, not to mention as many tomatoes in every conceivable recipe I can manage until this year’s crop fades.  Yet here and there I see signs appearing of the many beautiful details that fall offers.  The colors subtly shift, the vigorous growth has subsided.  And spent flowers have begun to toss the seeds of next year’s promise to the wind.  

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