July is birthday time for my little garden helper… what a great month for a birthday! Summer!  Yes, the summer haze has blanketed us here in a a sweaty mist these recent weeks, but that’s ok.  It goes with the territory this time of year.  Dusk comes none too soon, cooler air filters in with the scent of fresh cut grass and choruses of those 17 year cicadas.  The night sky fills with their familiar lullaby.  A banner year for fireflies, one even followed me in last night blinking around the house for a while. Those slow pokes are easy to catch, so after a short light show that guy went right back out to finish the night’s work.

And now there’s a celebration on the way!  The little piñatas are ready to go after an afternoon of sweet peach tea, purple glue sticks, tissue clipping, and sorting of fabulous little treats to stash inside.  The summer sun almost slipped from the sky by the time we finished up, a happy mess of colorful clippings swept, supplies stowed for another day.  But there’s lots more time to prepare for the big day.  I wonder what else mom has up her sleeve.  Hmm… I think I’ve been drafted.  :)

Full credit where credit is due:  Mom found the piñata idea in the May issue of Family Fun magazine.  We followed the simple instructions and made them our own.  A little fringier, a little curlier, but hey, we girls like embellishments.

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