Here are 2 simple summer suggestions so easy, with barely a recipe required.
These are both long time favorites, but only seem right on the perfectly sultry day or while the rain pounds the roof during a pop up summer storm.  The beautiful jewel tone pitcher?  It does not get easier:  2 – 3 ripe peaches; your favorite glass pitcher; and a bottle of red table wine of your choice.  Wash, slice, mix, chill a few hours, and enjoy.  The simple mango salad is just as quick:  mix up 1 ripe mango, sliced in chunks;
a few thin slices from a red onion, salt and pepper to taste; and a drizzle
of olive oil.  It’s a great sweet & sour side for an alfresco meal, or add
some grilled shrimp and call it lunch.

Buon appetito… enjoy!

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