Have you heard?  EtsyMetal, my metalsmithing group on Etsy, has been sending out a newsletter for fans and friends (sign up here!).  So when our editor, the very talented Danielle Miller-Gilliam of daniellejewelry on Etsy put out the call for some fashion illustration, I took the bait.  In addition to her Etsy shop and all the volunteer work Danielle does to enrich the EtsyMetal team, she is a full time metal artist and designer, well known and highly regarded for her beautiful collections… found in galleries across the United States and beyond, as well as on her site.  I was honored for the chance to lend this esteemed team member a hand.  Here’s a bit of the
behind-the-scenes from my drawing board with a snippet of the completed art
as seen in Danielle’s e-mail at the end…

Ready to dig into the goods featured in this flower-power packed issue?  See our summer treats here!  And don’t forget to sign up to see the very latest from this talented group.  Not to mention a sketch now & again from the artigiano drawing board.  It’s not a hard assignment to make these folks look good!

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