meteorology ring

Deep in the winter, this action packed rutile quartz looked like a snow globe, but now I see it’s busting with sunshiny rays.  I perched it carefully on an open lotus flower to complete the orb shape and added copper/silver leaves and sunny golden dots.  Next winter this bright day will still be safely locked inside.  Super chunky, size 8.5, more info available upon request.  There’s magic in meteorology.

meteorology ringmeteorology ring

Be warned, you could poke an eye out with this thing.

Garden break:


Nasturtium Empress of India, basil babies, zinnia (free seeds with rubber gloves! I’m a sucker for a seed…), old fashioned petunias.  Ok, it’s a bit late for seeding.  We’ll see where this goes.

Back to the summer studio:


Baby butterflies.


Beach glass, chalcedony rose specimen.

cicada addl

17 year cicada wings, hatched in winter 2013, reappearing at your command.

It’s just about time for the night music to begin… fireflies, check.  gardenia scented breezes, check.  moonlight winking through the old walnut tree, check.  Oh to capture it in a bottle and keep on the night table all winter long.   Or slip it on your finger and decide if that’s a sun shower swirling in there after all.

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