Little gems… the butter kind

An old family favorite, these little butter cookies are a recipe from my mom’s long ago co-worker back in the day when she was one of the girls in the pool of clerks at Met Life in NYC.  Apparently Dolores was quite a cook, we’ve been making her cookies ever...

Making the invisible visible

Time once again for EtsyMetal’s ‘Blog Carnival’, where our group blogs simultaneously on a selected topic.  This month’s topic is about the role of family in our creative lives.  For me, another EM project started me thinking about family again…  our August...

Monarchs are coming

At long last, my monarchs are almost ready to emerge (see sketches in a previous post, here).  Still a ways to go, but this little preview seemed worthy of posting. I’m excited about the results… and will have more to come!

History of hearts

Valentines are well observed in our family… here are just a few snippets from the many years of vibrant wishes, collaged with great care and a joyful spirit, that we treasure still.

Winterberry giveaway!

In celebration of Christmas and all the wonderful winter holidays, I’ve created this special one-of-a-kind winterberry necklace exclusively to offer here as a giveaway from our Artigiano blog!  The hand fabricated silver leaves and berries are inspired by a huge...

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