Coney Island baby

It’s a bit surreal watching Helen’s progress on Project Runway.  She’s amazing… but am I objective?  Well, no.  But she’s still amazing.  And this week’s episode demonstrates what I mean.  Find a quick recap here.  Nutshell: the...

Helen rocks world

So… remember Helen? She’s on PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 12!!!!!!!!  July 18th!  OMG! If you are one millionth as excited as I am, please Facebook like her page – at the top of the page, pretty please!

Special delivery

What a nice way to end a week. My favorite neighborhood valentine was a little bit under the weather last week, but everybody’s better now… so over the yard she came with mom in tow to deliver a pretty little heart, painted just for me.  :)  And when I...

Thanksgiving wishes

Wherever your table, whatever it holds… I hope it will be shared with those who matter most. Warm wishes this holiday season… and thanks. ;)  

Girl’s best friend

Cape May… a town full of memories.  Gingerbread houses line the pretty streets and we walk back in time to gentler days.  A few grand dames are still to be found, some weathered, some so carefully preserved.  You can feel the old stories like whispers suspended...

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