Jupiter, tonight, like now

Jupiter, tonight, like now

Glancing towards the eastern sky tonight, something striking, unusual. So I checked at my fav sky site, EarthSky.org, and yes! Jupiter in the eastern sky slightly above the full worm moon. I swiped their diagram to show you, which I hope is ok since I’m fully...

Harvest moon

Tomorrow’s potentially brilliant harvest moon is a triple treat… supermoon, lunar eclipse, and a blood moon all rolled into one. End of the world? If so, it sure won’t be on account of the moon, if you get my meaning. Maybe better to take the opportunity...

Night sky note

Tonight, a clear view of the Perseid meteor showers.  Here, a small chubby crescent moon with golden meteors.  Born under a Perseid sky.


Blue moon tonight!  (The occasional occurrence of a 2nd full moon occurring within a month is often called the blue moon)  Howl accordingly.  Don’t step off the path.

Easter, under a pink moon

Tonight, the first full moon of Spring, is perhaps my favorite: the pink moon.  This moon dictates the spring festivals and this weekend brings with it both the Easter and Passover holidays.  Said to welcome back the wild flowers, the pink moon watchfully assures...

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