I love maple: the candy (super yum), the brilliant fall leaves drifting through my garden and crunching underfoot, the cooling shade in the way back of the yard on a high summer afternoon.  I hope you do, too.


With gratitude for your time, your attention, your support, and the wide eyes I am so lucky to see when someone stops here to pick up their special treasure, here’s a tiny gesture of thanks this season: a framed fall maple leaf sketch & silver maple pendant, for one lucky fan.  Here’s how to participate-

To claim a chance – it’s easy – visit my new Instagram page, and look for the ‘giveaway’ post.

Sign up to follow my instagram page (I promise it will only be pretty) and post a comment under that post (giveaway) to enter.  I’ll be picking from a jar of names by December 15th & shipping off both my framed pencil/pastel sketch and my artfully handmade sterling silver maple leaf pendant with carnelian accent (1.75″h x 1″w) to one lucky winner before Christmas.

*please have a US residential address so I can pack this appropriately, which will be a fair sized box.*

And thanks.  I mean it.

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