Leilah is the very charming daughter of a great friend… and she has made me realize for sure that the time has come for me to live vicariously through others, and preferably those younger than I.  She has done amazing things, most recently, some serious world travel in conjunction with her studies that I would only ever dream of.  Documentary film making in Burkina Faso anyone?  And she’s in the market for more…  she has made her application to the STA Travel’s World Traveler Internship:

“The World Traveler Internship sends two young people around the world for the summer for free.  Along the way, they’ll snap photos, shoot video, tweet, and blog, keeping everyone back home up-to-date on their latest adventures and experiences. The program open to anyone in the U.S. under the age of 26 who wants the chance to travel the world on STA Travel’s dime, while boosting their resume creating amazing videos, magazine-worthy photos and Pulitzer-winning blogs.” (from their site)

I had been hearing for a while now about Leilah’s adventures and her itchy feet.
Her application to this program is in the form of this exhilirating little film below).

See more about Leilah’s application and take a moment to vote for her (become a fan by January 25th) in support of the application here. (It’s super easy, really).  For a sample of what she’s been up to, read about that documentary film project here.

What’s that they say that youth being wasted on the young?  Not happening in this case.  I noticed Leilah had a special flair back in high school when she was studying in an advanced culinary program.  I recall her knoweledge of mise en place, as well
as her unforgettable truffles… a great start to higher education as far as I’m concerned. Good luck Leilah… I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

Come home safe when you’re good and ready.  And some day… the chocolate cake will serve you well.

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