It’s almost a year’s since Helen’s big night… she’s been working away at it ever since.  Recently she took a breath of air and sent me these new photos of some of her concoctions…

Since last year, a lot has happened…  moss doesn’t grow in Helen’s pathway.  See her portfolio with more amazing photos and sketches here.  Then find Helen’s couture designs here, represented by MUUSE.  From their statement: Our mission at MUUSE is to bring the work of the world’s best 100 emerging fashion designers to people who love fashion.  Is that not enough?  How about an appearance in ELLE magazine in conjunction with their FASHION/NEXT young design competition, where Helen’s work appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week this past fall?

I’ve got a stack of fabric here that an old friend has kindly contributed to Helen’s endeavors, so she’s stopping in soon to grab the goods.  I can’t wait to catch up on what’s in store…  what was that, something about a Project Runway application?

I feel quite certain that after this little visit I may just need a nap!  :)

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