This past week has been a whirlwind here, polishing up the details on some holiday events and having a welcome chance to meet and greet some old & new friends.  The trunk show at the Store at MAM, now in the rearview mirror, was a lovely evening with over 700 attending Montclair Art Museum‘s December Free First Thursday evening, with guests soaking in the museum as well as some great music, treats, and fun stuff on offer at the store.  A special highlight for me was a chance to reconnect with a schoolmate from grammar school days… the past couple of years we’ve been checking in on each other online, and what a treat – a real life meeting! Alice Garbarini Hurley is a lifelong writer and a hometown girl from my little town. Alice’s daily blog, Truth and Beauty, chronicles her challenges and triumphs, observations on life’s twists and turns, with an occasional handy tip thrown in about a new movie, great lipstick, or must-have cook book.  Alice blogs each night, letting us peek in on her world with honesty and insight, exhaustion and exhilaration.  It doesn’t take long to feel like one of the family… follow her and I promise, soon you will be cheering her on and wishing you could send her over a soothing cup of tea and your best shortbread recipe.

And now I’m even more impressed… that very night Alice penned a story about our meeting, lickity split!  It’s delightful, and I’m so very grateful.  And so excited to see she’s included me in her blog roll right next to her beloved Tory Burch!  At my usual snail’s pace, it’s taken all week to get back to my keyboard & post this overdue shout out, but you can be sure I’ll be linking back to Alice in my side bar, too, and hoping to see her in the New Year.

So here’s to looking back, but moving forward, and finding friends along the way. Many, many thanks to everyone who stopped in at MAM to say hello (and to the wonderful staff at the Store for not only making me so welcome, but also for holding my work over through the holidays!!)… I feel so fortunate to see those friendly faces in the crowd and think, wow – they came!

Good night, Alice.  ;)

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