coleus cuttings

These days a particular high-flying tech industry leader may be cajoling us gals to ‘lean in’, but this time of year, I’m more inclined to be thinking about ‘tucking in’… it’s time to salvage whatever can be had from my garden beds and get ready to move indoors.  Windows & shelves here are crowded with tiny survivors –  potted plants washed and settled for dark days; cuttings of my favorite foliage to root for next spring;  herbs snipped to dry will eventually season the cold months ahead.  It’s been a delightfully warm fall, but this week as Halloween approaches a change is underway… stepping outside into a dark and chilly evening lately, just one lonely cricket sang.  I miss them already!  While I enjoy the seasons in this part of the world, somehow summer is the hardest to let go.  So instead I occupy a bit too much time preserving these bits and pieces to carry me through.

spicepurple cuttings

So really, do we need to lean yet more? Another millimeter and I’m sure I’m not the only indie designer/artisan (or working woman, for that matter) who will fall right over. Enough of that!  I’ll bring the outdoors in, turn up the heat a smidge, and tuck in with a cup of tea and favorite author (hmm.. a winter’s evening might just require the latest in suspense from Donna Tartt) .  Leaning is just not what it’s cracked up to be.

Stay warm.  :)

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