Twentyfive years ago today we were sweating it out… big pink dresses & tuxedos, baking in the sultry July heat.  How did that bride get us to wear those flowery halos after all?  Styles may change, but some things stand the test of time.  Fortunately for us, the family is one.  And while I may never again willingly encircle my head with a gaggle of silk flowers, there’s not much my cousins and I can’t count on each other for.  I unearth the old photos to make this sketch in honor of the day… many of us have not changed all that much.  But I see our tiny flower girl… now she’s all grown with a baby girl of her own.  And one of us is missing from this picture, lost way too soon and so very dearly missed from our tight circle.  Who could have known the changes these years would bring… the things we would celebrate, and endure… together.

So today I’m dropping off this little sketch to a life long friend, and thinking about those photos, and our family…

I may wonder about what the coming years may bring…
but I know who I will share it with.
And hey, your dress was so much prettier than ours!  ;)  Cent’Anni!  Clink-Clink!

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