fern ring

This morning, 6am, the first birds are chirping… they know spring is coming.  Inside we’re not so astute.  The heat is cranking, from the window – weary scenes of ice piled everywhere in the yard are frozen in place, and cold?  It is cold.  Really cold. How do those little creatures know?  They do.  Outdoors may not look different, or feel different, but it sounds different.  The garden is getting ready to wipe the sleep from it’s eyes, and old man winter is losing his grip.  The birds say so.

fern sketchfern ringfern ring alt viewfern ringfern ring

An age ago in the wee days of 2013 I sketched this little fern.  It went out into the world by the end of the year… because honestly, I am slower than the seasons.  But looking now, this forever unfurling talisman strikes the right note for just about now. Let’s see what grows.

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