It’s a chilly start to spring here, and the chill is holding fast… still the garden beds withhold their first blooms, tree branches tightly gather their tiny dormant jewels.  I imagine patient buds waiting under the quiet, cold earth.  Not quite yet.

Despite the temperature, Easter fast approaches, right beyond the rise of the first full moon of spring, which occurs in this Wednesday’s early dawn.  So this weekend I snuck back over to Cynful Studio to chase away the chills with a visit to check on the underglazed and bisqued flowers (started here), and to add a final glaze coat so that they can be tucked into Cynthia’s upcoming glaze firing.

Not as lovely as the ones I’ll soon see outside, but these cheery faces deserve a smile.  I guess they will hold me over until winter decides his work is done. Meanwhile, I’ve been squirreling away some lovely odd bits and pieces to unearth and press back into service when these delicate girls are ready to become the treasures I imagine them as.  Hmm…

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