The holiday weekend here started with a special celebration… a gathering to remember.

The room was abuzz with artists and writers, thinkers and doers.  There was electricity in the air.  They traveled from near and far at the invitation of dear friends, to stop for a while, to acknowledge the value of lifelong friendships, treasured memories, hopes and dreams.  The accolades were many: warm, poignant, humorous, hilarious, heartfelt.  In words and in song the story was told and new memories made.

All the while, fireflies winked on the patio of the rustically elegant dining room, glasses clinked, abundance shared.  A night to celebrate, and to acknowledge how fortunate we’ve been to be within this circle.

And long after the tables are reset, the beautiful flowers fade, the travelers make their way back to distant lives, the magical glow of this very evening will warm our hearts like a perfect summer’s day.

Happy celebrations, near and far.

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