nate's can planter

Funny how things come back to you, things you think are past. Folks around here may remember, way back when there were a few more trees and a lot less traffic and kids rode bikes around town after school without ‘play dates’. The old shop windows at my dad’s place were lined with little aluminum can planters he’d make with snipped & rolled down edges, each with a tiny baby cactus planted inside. Had for 50¢, or I suspect on occasion for no more than a wide smile. Pick your poison… Shasta, Black Label, Reingold. Sorry, no microbrews in sight. There’s still a few stragglers around the old homestead, but we don’t think much about those days as the world spins faster and faster.

Well, Christmas is on our doorstep and one of our old friends pops up, because well, it’s just not Christmas without these folks. And in his hand, this little beer can planter. Turns out his grandson, in need of a crafty project to raise some money for a favorite cause, had the family out scouring around collecting cans while he carefully snipped and curled his very own take on the old standard.

Tonight is the winter solstice… the shortest day of the year, the darkest. But a just a couple of days ago, a little boy demonstrated that some lights always keep shining. Thanks, Nate.

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