At the end of last year, I finished a project on my wish list.  A little book, a document of my work, a look book of sorts… but with some favorite everyday moments through the seasons mixed in.  I was not sure if I could get it right, but I think I did.  I had some help, without which this book would be merely a shadow of what it became. Devin, my model, is as gracious and patient as she is beautiful.  My photographer, Bret Wills, expertly captured the spirit of my work, brought to life in the sessions.
The book is out there in the world and I’ve had some lovely comments about it.

But now, in addition, I’m so pleased to share with you that my book has been prominently featured in an article overviewing artist’s look books in the August issue of MJSA Journal, a widely read industry publication dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making & design.  It’s a fabulous article by author Sharon Elaine Thompson, who has made a comprehensive survey of book creation experiences for any artist considering a book of their own.  I’m humbled to be there,
to see my efforts recognized at this level.

Somewhere, somehow this summer, my Artigiano blog turned 2 years old.  I was too busy to notice!  It’s been a rollercoaster of a time, full of a whirlwind of ideas and experiments, trial and error, seasons passing by, details observed… with little bits captured here.  If you had told me 2 years ago that I would have this little book, never mind enough work to fill its 40 pages, and that I would see it in the pages of a publication known throughout the jewelry industry, I would not have believed it. And yet, here it is.

And forward we go…
I guess it’s OK to keep on wishing, after all.

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