Spring is beckoning, the ground stirs.  This unseasonably warm winter has tricked us into believing winter is over.  Here on my desk, jeweled beasts begin to stir also… the luna moth I’ve been doodling the last few years finally seems to be finding it’s way to it’s proper shape and scale (big!). But we are not there yet, and neither is my moth. In the early hours of the coming dawn, the full worm moon will rule the sky as winter’s final full moon.  As the ground softens and the earthworm casts reappear, this moon takes it’s name.  Worms, moths… surely it will soon be time for my new creature to hatch. Also known as the crow moon, this morning’s moon will remind me of my favorite black birds as well, now old friends.  Outside my window, night settles in like a velvety blanket and already this worm-crow moon casts it’s magical light on my sleepy garden.

A night for dreaming, to be sure.

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